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Ник дань почести группе Doors. )

For the music is your special friend
Dance on fire as it intends
music is your only friend until the end,
until the end, until the end


Сергей Бабкин — Медведь
ATB — Obsession
Анна Герман — Надежда
СБПЧ Оркестр — Рождество (Live, Сочи 21.11.2008)
Múm — Guilty Rocks
Lamb — Gabriel
Ундервуд — Гагарин, я вас любила
Alphaville — Big in Japan
Shiny Toy Guns — Major Tom
Goldfinger — 99 Red Balloons
Green Day — St. Jimmy (VH1 Storytellers Version)
Ноль — Человек и кошка
Counting Crows — Colorblind


Samkha — Пламя
Ольга Рождественская и Moscow Grooves Institute — На заре
Penguin Cafe Orchestra — Music for a Found Harmonium
Chikiss — Весенняя
Ultra Nate — Release the Pressure
Peace of Mind — The Things We Do
Coldcut — Timber
Bumcello vs. Taraf de Haidouks — Cuculetsu
Theory of a Deadman — Sacrifice
Echo Depth Finders — Spread This Mood
Patrick Swayze — She's Like the Wind (feat. Wendy Fraser)
Planet Funk — Lemonade (Vocals by Dan Black)
Timo Maas — Shifter (feat. MC Chickaboo)
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